Zombie Trailer Park Hacked Hacking and shooting zombies was never this fun!

picture of zombie trailer parkZombie Trailer Park Hacked is a modification of the popular ZTP game by creative studio Ninja Kiwi. It is available to play online and for free download.

The only difference between the ZTP and ZTP Hacked is that the hacked version is permanently in Easy mode and that the Score Submit feature has been disabled.

A bridge. On one side humans, on the other zombies. The zombies stalk across the bridge towards the human base. If they reach it, they start to destroy it. You control the human population and send various units to kill the zombies before they can reach your base.

The action in the 2-D world of ZTP is controlled by three categories of purchases.
Firstly, Units. Shovel Man, Angry Farmer, Survivalist, Moonshine Bomber and Preacher Man can be bought.
Next, Buildings. Salvage Yard, Farm House, Trailer, Garage, Still, Church can be built.
Last, Yee-haw Powers. Angry Mob, Harvester and Air Strike can be purchased.

Tactics Units and Buildings
You need money to buy everything, and you earn $50 a second. Buying salvage yards (max 3) gets you more money faster. Buying Trailers increases your population.
The basic human is armed with a shovel. Buy a Farm House and get Angry Farmers with guns.
Buy a Garage it allows you to get Survivalists, who mount attacks with .50 cal guns on trucks. Very effective.
A Still will result in Moonshine Bombers who lob explosive cocktails at the zombies.
Building a Church will allow you to buy a Preacher who is adept at turning zombies against their own.

Tactics Yee-haw Powers
Angry Mob is exactly that a large group of people with shovels and guns who go after the zombies with gusto.
The Harvester is a combined harvester that mows down all zombies in its path.
The Air-Strike is self-explanatory a napalm strike to burn every visible zombie.

The Enemy
There are 4 separate types of zombies. There is the standard, lumbering slow zombie. Then, there are jumpers who can leap over your line of attack and target your base. There are runners, extremely fast little zombie girls who are quite dangerous. Finally, there are giants who do a Hulk smash! routine on anything in their path.

Build the maximum of 3 trailers so you are always earning the highest possible amount. Have layers of defense to counter jumpers. Use the Harvester and Air-Strike only if the zombies are about to reach your base because they are a 1-use item. Lastly and most importantly, Survivalists are virtually indestructible send a few of them in together and sit back and watch the carnage.

A fun game to kill half an hour but too easy. If you are looking for sport competition game you should try playing Return Man 3.

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