Test Your Aiming Skills with Apple Shooter Online Game

How good are your aiming skills? To what levels of accuracy can you try your best to save a friend without hurting them? Find this out with the Apple shooter online game. In this amazing archery game, you are tasked with aiming at and hitting an apple placed on a friend’s head.

What it is all about

Inspired by Wilhem Tell, this game is designed to help players put into practice the physics knowledge they have. Using a bow and arrow, you need to put in just the right amount of strength and sense of direction to aim at an apple placed on a character’s head. This character represents your friend or assistant whose life lies in your hands. It is as if something dangerous was placed on their head and it is upon you to shoot at it without harming your friend. The apple needs to be shot at without harming your friend, otherwise he or she will die and this marks the end of the game.

On shooting the apple accurately, one is able to move to the next level. As the levels advance, the distance of the bow from the target is increased making it harder to get an accurate shot. This is what makes the game as thrilling and exciting as it is.


Just move the mouse to aim, click and release to shoot. The angle of shooting is set by moving the mouse whereas the strength of the shot is set by right clicking. On releasing the mouse button, the shot is taken.

Test Your Aiming Skills with Apple Shooter Online Game

Who is this game for?

With a simple interface and a simple challenge, the Apple Shooter online game appeals to people of all ages just like Cat Ninja Unblocked . The simplicity makes it ideal for children while the thrilling test of physics makes it a loved option by adults. It works on archery skills while at the same time helping improve on analytical skills as well as aiming capabilities. You learn how to take risks for the sake of others without hurting them too.

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