Manic Rider A Fun and Challenging Bike Game

Manic Rider A Fun and Challenging Bike Game
Manic Rider is a bike challenge game. It is one of those games that are easy to understand and play but difficult to master. There are 10 stages you will need to pass to complete the game. The main goal is to complete the game with the highest score possible. Some levels can be very challenging, so do not let the small number of levels fool you, the game is almost impossible to complete. If you are into quiz games and hilarious ways of solving them you should try new trendy game Mayhemgun 2.

How to play

The game is online based, and no download is required. In addition, it is completely free, making it available to everyone. What makes the game fun are the simple controls. For navigation, you are required to use the arrow keys. The arrow up key is used for throttle, arrow down is used to break, and the left and right keys are used to lean back and forward. If you want to do stunts or tricks, the buttons Z, X, C, V, and B are reserved for that. If at any time you wish to pause the game, just press P on your keyboard.

bike gameFeatures

Manic Rider is based on physics, and that is why the game can be difficult at times. You will need to repeat some stages multiple times to complete them. Tricks can be performed but are not required to finish the game. If you want to get the highest possible score, use tricks since they award you with a lot of extra points. Moreover, you can do front and back flips to acquire additional points. Time is another thing that affects your overall score; the faster you complete the game, the higher score you will have.

In the beginning, you are given 5 lives to complete the game. You lose lives by falling off your bike or hitting the ground. Having only 5 lives will make the game a bit challenging if you are a beginner to this type of game.

As for the graphics, they are simple, colorful, and look good. The background music is fitting to the game and gives a certain aspect of excitement to the overall experience.

Overall, Manic Rider is a very fun and simple game that can get very addictive if you start to chase that high score.

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