Let’s play Happy Wheels 2 online

Some news and updates about Happy Wheels 2, awesome and funny racing game at our blog.

One of my favorite flash game Happy Wheels, is awesome way to spend some time in a funny and enjoyable way while you are at work or you have some free time and you don’t know what to do. This game has very realistic physics, movements, gravity and object act as if it is all real. From the start of the game you will have to select your level, there are many different ones, along the name of the level you can see how many people have voted for this track and how many times where they played. This way you will be able to understand which track is the most popular. Currently most played level is “Speed Bridge”. Now that you have selected your track it is time to enjoy race itself.

Let’s play Happy Wheels 2 online
At the first look this game reminds you of other ordinary dirt bike games or simple bike racing games, but Happy Wheels has some more realistic and at the same time horrific, if you will make mistake and crash your driver it will fall apart and there is going to be a lot of blood and body parts.

Anyway this game is pretty unique and funny, there are many different levels, there are many different drivers and also possibilities. This explains why this game is so popular, I mean if you will check statistic you will notice that 2,740,000 people search this game every month!

Now controls of the game are pretty simple actually: arrow keys on the keyboard allows you to control your character, if you feel like you are in danger click Z button (don’t ask me why just do it), all of your characters have special abilities, you can use it with a help of space bar and finally Ctrl buttons, which also triggers secondary ability.

Well guys I have no idea what else you need to know about this game, I have heard that there are some talking about releasing new version of the game – Happy Wheels 2 it should be available by now at official site. I can’t confirm nor reject this statement as there are very few details at the moment. One thing for sure is that there is no need for Happy Wheels 2 at the moment, because current version gets updates very often (every Friday if I’m correct) and if there are bugs or malfunctions developers fix it as soon as possible. If you want to find out which version of the game you are playing at the moment check bottom-left corner of the game window.

Once again thank you so much for visiting my site and I personally want to thank Jim Bonacci for creating Happy Wheels. If you have some questions or ideas don’t hesitate to leave theme below in the comments section, have a nice day and enjoy this game!

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