Ready to Smash your opponent Play the Hacked Supper Smash Flash 2

This is one of the unique selection from the worlds famous games. It has popular characters where the player fights their way to emerge the champion. To enhance the game entertainment and make it joyful in the progress, the player uses the special moves and unlocks new features in every stage. However with the new unlocking methods, it becomes easy to learn and achieve all the targets in all levels. Both new and experienced players can now get to top the game by following the new game hacks.

Hacked Supper Smash Flash 2Game instructions
The game can be in one player or 2 players mode. Face your enemy and accomplish every goal set for each stage. Chose player of choice by use of Right, Left, Up, or Down keys. Press Enter Key to select. Use the same procedure to select game levels and any settings as desired.

Game controls
Once the game is on, use key 1 to enable any keyboard character. Should the function to add new lives fail, use Key 2 and collect 999 lives. All the functions are active with the new hacks and all game modes become active. Use characters to discover new moves and play unlimited. When playing, Key 1 can also be used to toggle and achieve unlimited health recovery, Key 2 to toggle for special mode and key 9 to unlock unlimited game characters.

The cheat codes
These are the cheats for the PC version of this game

Captain Falcons Code: During the target test, use Captain Falcon to beat and defeat every character in the full match. After one fight with Captain Falcon, there will be a stage unlock to Space Desert. To unlock Captain Falcon as player of choice, beat all characters to defeat the Captain.

Black Mage: To simply unlock this character in the game, fight 9 matches and win the tenth match. This will give you the choice to select the best character against him. You will have the list from best to wosrt list with Goku as the best and Ness as the worst.

Ready to put your game skills to test? Start by experiencing full Hacked Super Smash Flash 4 by following any of the above tips.

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