To win the Impossible Quiz Game, you better think outside the box

Impossible Quiz Game
The Impossible Quiz Game is a very popular online flash game all over the world. The game usually involves taking a test and answering all questions correctly but there is more than meets the eye. Most of the questions have double meanings, puns and tricks requiring you to think outside the box all the time making it quite difficult.

Instructions of the game:
You are given a question or a task and a set of four choices or answers; A, B, C and D. If you guess the correct answer, then you go to the next question. The game comes with three lives and each time you make a mistake, you lose one. Lose all the three and the game is over. You must answer all 120 questions in one take. Always think outside the box and use logic when answering each and every question. Along the way, you will receive green arrow shaped power -ups called skips that help you skip some questions. It is important that you don’t use them early in the game since you will need them towards the end. Look out for bombs on certain questions. They usually have a timer of 1 to 11 seconds and if you do not provide an answer within that time, it is game over!

The game controls:
You’re advised to keep your fingers away from the Tabs key. This key can select any clickable links on the flash video and thus accidentally answer a question for you most likely giving the wrong answer. It is always safe to use nothing else other than the computer mouse.

The Impossible Quiz Game is very helpful in aiding one develop their thinking abilities, use logic while solving problems, improve proficiency in English and broaden the mind. You get to learn many interesting things and playing it, is well worth your time. If you havet had a chance to play this game, go ahead and try it. You will most definitely experience something amazing and then you will have an idea of what you have been missing. We also recommend you to try Electric Man 2 full version at this link.

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World of Solitaire old but gold

World of Solitaire old but goldSolitare, though an old game, is still a prominent card game to play in for those without another individual to play with. World of Solitare is a new video game adaptation of the card game for users to play on their computers, tablets, or anything that can access the website. The rules of World of Solitaire are simple, to learn more check this blog. All cards in the standard deck can be used, except the Joker. Seven piles are created on the table, each one with one more card than the previous pile. The last card in the pile, the one on top, is flipped over so that the player can view what card is on top. The other cards are placed in a separate deck, flipped over in piles of three. The top card is the one that is active or one that the player can use. To win the game, the player must stack up the cards in order of suit from lowest to highest, with Ace being the lowest and King the highest. To move cards around in the playing field, the player may stack up the cards in increasing order alternating between the two colors of the deck, red and black. These rules all transfer to World of Solitare.

To control the game World of Solitare, simply click and drag the card from the beginning spot to the desired location, I know these are basic instructions and too general but tbh this is really that simple, you can even visit their official site and see the game itself to make sure how simple and yet entertaining this game really is. Once all the cards are stacked up in increasing order in the correct suit, then the player wins! World of Solitare also includes bonus features for the player, such as animating cards, counting moves, calculating a score, counting moves, changing the background of the playing field, and changing the appearance of the card that the player can play the game with! World of Solitaire also keeps track of statistics, allowing the user to keep track of the wins and losses they have in the game. The animations in World of Solitaire can also be changed back to a more classic animation, or turned off completely. Global statistics are also shown in World of Solitaire, allowing players to compare their statistics with other World of Solitaire players all around the world! These features set World of Solitaire apart, creating a lovely online solitaire experience.

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