Soccer physics game guide

Soccer physics is an online sports game where one is able to open and play crazy games. It comes loaded with 2 tagged player options where one can be a live opponent or the computer or you can also choose single player option. Soccer physics is one of the most heavily played games. The player is supposed to beat the opponent in order to emerge the winner. Majorly this game is for IOS but one can still have an online version in the desktops by installing unity web player software. The basic controls for the game are up arrow button for the first player and down button for the second player. The controls can be changed in the main menu.

Soccer physics

In Soccer Physics Unblocked, the player controls his team with only one key. This triggers a random movement as the player tries to direct these movements towards the ball. The player can control the kicking and a block of the other players in the game. The proficiency of the player determines his chances of winning over the opponents. This game creates a lot of unity especially when two players are involved. It creates a lot of fun and amusements. In single player mode, one wins a world cup, in two player mode, the winner humiliated the friend.

This is the latest game from wrestle jump and tank of tanks free online games. This game is obtained free of charge. This means that it isn’t a must to download it. Playing this game can require one to perform a lot of skills. Such skills include positioning the kicker and the goalkeeper every time one desires to score. In this game there is a lot of competition and therefore one is required to use the artifice to jump, kick, and score the goals. This game embraces ones’ sporting skills.


As a rule in any other field, practice makes perfect. For one to play the Soccer Physics Unblocked, well he must practice thoroughly. The daily practice should form a routine in which one has to stick to it. This makes the player comfortable with the game. This is because as you unlock the groups from F to A, the ladder will keep on getting tough and tougher. Therefore the more one practices, the easier it is to open the next level. In this game, you are allowed to do anything you can as you pursue to reach the other team’s side with the ball possessed. If you love unblocked games try Tank Trouble 2 Unblocked and speed good time.


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Happy wheels flash game guide

Happy wheels flash game guide
To play this game one is not required to register or download any kind of software, you are only required to update the latest version of the flash player of the browser that you are using which is totally free. This game also has a share option that allows you to share this great funny game with your friends with the help of social sites for instance facebook, linkedin, twitter and many others.

funny png of happy wheelsNSTRUCTIONS.

Happy wheels is one of the best online two wheeler racing game. One can select his or her character and the vehicle he or she is going to use in the game. This is an adventurous game whereby you have to run your character and vehicle to win or complete a level so that you can move to the next level. Once you have selected your racer you should play carefully not to crash until you finish the race. One requires patience and a good skill to finish all these levels.

One uses the ARROW KEYS to change the direction his or her vehicle is moving towards, the SPACEBAR performs primary actions. The work of the Z key is to eject. At times you can use ctrl and shift keys for secondary actions.


1) Sageway Guy, this character borrows some of the traits from other characters, it has an activator that allows it to jump up when you press the spacebar. He resembles a young person.

2) Irresponsible Dad, as the name suggests, his work is to carry his child on his bicycle throughout the game. Eve n if his child dies, the irresponsible dad goes on with the game to the end or to complete the level.

3) Wheelchair Uncle, He is the first character in the happy wheels game. He puts on stitched clothes and appears poor he also got a white mustache. He doesn’t seem young ,he sits on a wheelchair that has got a super jet technology added to his vehicle. Pressing the SPACEBAR key, the jet is fired thus its speed increases.

Demo of Happy wheels game is an arcade game that has a dark humorous twist. This is a game that you will love to play and try over and over. There are many tracks that you have to complete in each level and I am sure you will have lots of fun whenever you play this game. Some levels are really hard to pass but you need to try again and again. Another great version of the game is the one with cheats which can be found on the official site.

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Let’s play Happy Wheels 2 online

Some news and updates about Happy Wheels 2, awesome and funny racing game at our blog.

One of my favorite flash game Happy Wheels, is awesome way to spend some time in a funny and enjoyable way while you are at work or you have some free time and you don’t know what to do. This game has very realistic physics, movements, gravity and object act as if it is all real. From the start of the game you will have to select your level, there are many different ones, along the name of the level you can see how many people have voted for this track and how many times where they played. This way you will be able to understand which track is the most popular. Currently most played level is “Speed Bridge”. Now that you have selected your track it is time to enjoy race itself.

Let’s play Happy Wheels 2 online
At the first look this game reminds you of other ordinary dirt bike games or simple bike racing games, but Happy Wheels has some more realistic and at the same time horrific, if you will make mistake and crash your driver it will fall apart and there is going to be a lot of blood and body parts.

Anyway this game is pretty unique and funny, there are many different levels, there are many different drivers and also possibilities. This explains why this game is so popular, I mean if you will check statistic you will notice that 2,740,000 people search this game every month!

Now controls of the game are pretty simple actually: arrow keys on the keyboard allows you to control your character, if you feel like you are in danger click Z button (don’t ask me why just do it), all of your characters have special abilities, you can use it with a help of space bar and finally Ctrl buttons, which also triggers secondary ability.

Well guys I have no idea what else you need to know about this game, I have heard that there are some talking about releasing new version of the game – Happy Wheels 2 it should be available by now at official site. I can’t confirm nor reject this statement as there are very few details at the moment. One thing for sure is that there is no need for Happy Wheels 2 at the moment, because current version gets updates very often (every Friday if I’m correct) and if there are bugs or malfunctions developers fix it as soon as possible. If you want to find out which version of the game you are playing at the moment check bottom-left corner of the game window.

Once again thank you so much for visiting my site and I personally want to thank Jim Bonacci for creating Happy Wheels. If you have some questions or ideas don’t hesitate to leave theme below in the comments section, have a nice day and enjoy this game!

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Test Your Aiming Skills with Apple Shooter Online Game

How good are your aiming skills? To what levels of accuracy can you try your best to save a friend without hurting them? Find this out with the Apple shooter online game. In this amazing archery game, you are tasked with aiming at and hitting an apple placed on a friend’s head.

What it is all about

Inspired by Wilhem Tell, this game is designed to help players put into practice the physics knowledge they have. Using a bow and arrow, you need to put in just the right amount of strength and sense of direction to aim at an apple placed on a character’s head. This character represents your friend or assistant whose life lies in your hands. It is as if something dangerous was placed on their head and it is upon you to shoot at it without harming your friend. The apple needs to be shot at without harming your friend, otherwise he or she will die and this marks the end of the game.

On shooting the apple accurately, one is able to move to the next level. As the levels advance, the distance of the bow from the target is increased making it harder to get an accurate shot. This is what makes the game as thrilling and exciting as it is.


Just move the mouse to aim, click and release to shoot. The angle of shooting is set by moving the mouse whereas the strength of the shot is set by right clicking. On releasing the mouse button, the shot is taken.

Test Your Aiming Skills with Apple Shooter Online Game

Who is this game for?

With a simple interface and a simple challenge, the Apple Shooter online game appeals to people of all ages just like Cat Ninja Unblocked . The simplicity makes it ideal for children while the thrilling test of physics makes it a loved option by adults. It works on archery skills while at the same time helping improve on analytical skills as well as aiming capabilities. You learn how to take risks for the sake of others without hurting them too.

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Guide to The hottest Game in the Market Return Man

Guide to The hottest Game in the Market Return ManIn the entertainment field,there are many games to be played and it is wise you choose the real sport in the Return Man.It is a game with a variety of versions like,Return Man ,Zombies, Return Man 1, Return Man 2, Return Man 3 and Return Man 4.It is it an amazing American football flash game that was created by ESPN.Each of the versions offer a player an incredible rich line of experience in games.It has amazing features and outstanding graphics.

Goals of the game.

The player is expected to get hold of the ball and go with it through the field up to the end of the line.The main challenge of achieving this is the defenders of the opposing team the player encounters on the way to the end of the line.The defenders aim is to take the ball away from the player.If the player fails to defend the ball and it is taken,they end up beginning the game all over.


Instructions of the game

>For a player to start playing the game,one needs to click play then select the unblocked featured stage then enter play.The player should avoid getting caught by the NPC players.

>At some time,the player may find himself on a slippery and snowy field.To overcome this challenge in the snow,a player can make special moves or juke with special shoes or perform front flips.These give the player a good advantage over the opponents.

>Also,a player is presented with chances of unlocking some undiscovered levels since there are many levels to venture into.A player just needs to follow carefully the in-game signs like catching the ball within the yellow circle in order for one to complete the mission.A player just needs to run to the center and wait for the ball.

>Game gets more difficult as it progresses in various levels.At some point,a player may encounter 3 -4 defenders but in another advanced level,encounter 10 or more defenders.Still,the opponents speed increases.To overcome these challenges,a player needs to unlock new special moves which enables the player to get a stronger and faster team.


Game controls.

The Return Game is a simple game to play and has two playing modes.

>Users who prefer a numeric keypad.

Number 8 is for running forward

Number 6 for running to the right

Number 2 for running down the field

Number 4 to your left

>Those who prefer an alphabetic keyboard

The I key is for running forwards

L key for running to your right

K key for running down the field

J key for running left.

For special moves.a player can apply the A,D and S letter keys.You can also use the arrow keys to move right,left,up and down.

Bottom line.

This simple guide will assist you play Return Man with ease.Return Man games are your ideal games to spend your recreation time. If you fond of ESPN games you also can try crunchball 3000.

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Ready to Smash your opponent Play the Hacked Supper Smash Flash 2

This is one of the unique selection from the worlds famous games. It has popular characters where the player fights their way to emerge the champion. To enhance the game entertainment and make it joyful in the progress, the player uses the special moves and unlocks new features in every stage. However with the new unlocking methods, it becomes easy to learn and achieve all the targets in all levels. Both new and experienced players can now get to top the game by following the new game hacks.

Hacked Supper Smash Flash 2Game instructions
The game can be in one player or 2 players mode. Face your enemy and accomplish every goal set for each stage. Chose player of choice by use of Right, Left, Up, or Down keys. Press Enter Key to select. Use the same procedure to select game levels and any settings as desired.

Game controls
Once the game is on, use key 1 to enable any keyboard character. Should the function to add new lives fail, use Key 2 and collect 999 lives. All the functions are active with the new hacks and all game modes become active. Use characters to discover new moves and play unlimited. When playing, Key 1 can also be used to toggle and achieve unlimited health recovery, Key 2 to toggle for special mode and key 9 to unlock unlimited game characters.

The cheat codes
These are the cheats for the PC version of this game

Captain Falcons Code: During the target test, use Captain Falcon to beat and defeat every character in the full match. After one fight with Captain Falcon, there will be a stage unlock to Space Desert. To unlock Captain Falcon as player of choice, beat all characters to defeat the Captain.

Black Mage: To simply unlock this character in the game, fight 9 matches and win the tenth match. This will give you the choice to select the best character against him. You will have the list from best to wosrt list with Goku as the best and Ness as the worst.

Ready to put your game skills to test? Start by experiencing full Hacked Super Smash Flash 4 by following any of the above tips.

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Zombie Trailer Park Hacked Hacking and shooting zombies was never this fun!

picture of zombie trailer parkZombie Trailer Park Hacked is a modification of the popular ZTP game by creative studio Ninja Kiwi. It is available to play online and for free download.

The only difference between the ZTP and ZTP Hacked is that the hacked version is permanently in Easy mode and that the Score Submit feature has been disabled.

A bridge. On one side humans, on the other zombies. The zombies stalk across the bridge towards the human base. If they reach it, they start to destroy it. You control the human population and send various units to kill the zombies before they can reach your base.

The action in the 2-D world of ZTP is controlled by three categories of purchases.
Firstly, Units. Shovel Man, Angry Farmer, Survivalist, Moonshine Bomber and Preacher Man can be bought.
Next, Buildings. Salvage Yard, Farm House, Trailer, Garage, Still, Church can be built.
Last, Yee-haw Powers. Angry Mob, Harvester and Air Strike can be purchased.

Tactics Units and Buildings
You need money to buy everything, and you earn $50 a second. Buying salvage yards (max 3) gets you more money faster. Buying Trailers increases your population.
The basic human is armed with a shovel. Buy a Farm House and get Angry Farmers with guns.
Buy a Garage it allows you to get Survivalists, who mount attacks with .50 cal guns on trucks. Very effective.
A Still will result in Moonshine Bombers who lob explosive cocktails at the zombies.
Building a Church will allow you to buy a Preacher who is adept at turning zombies against their own.

Tactics Yee-haw Powers
Angry Mob is exactly that a large group of people with shovels and guns who go after the zombies with gusto.
The Harvester is a combined harvester that mows down all zombies in its path.
The Air-Strike is self-explanatory a napalm strike to burn every visible zombie.

The Enemy
There are 4 separate types of zombies. There is the standard, lumbering slow zombie. Then, there are jumpers who can leap over your line of attack and target your base. There are runners, extremely fast little zombie girls who are quite dangerous. Finally, there are giants who do a Hulk smash! routine on anything in their path.

Build the maximum of 3 trailers so you are always earning the highest possible amount. Have layers of defense to counter jumpers. Use the Harvester and Air-Strike only if the zombies are about to reach your base because they are a 1-use item. Lastly and most importantly, Survivalists are virtually indestructible send a few of them in together and sit back and watch the carnage.

A fun game to kill half an hour but too easy. If you are looking for sport competition game you should try playing Return Man 3.

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Manic Rider A Fun and Challenging Bike Game

Manic Rider A Fun and Challenging Bike Game
Manic Rider is a bike challenge game. It is one of those games that are easy to understand and play but difficult to master. There are 10 stages you will need to pass to complete the game. The main goal is to complete the game with the highest score possible. Some levels can be very challenging, so do not let the small number of levels fool you, the game is almost impossible to complete. If you are into quiz games and hilarious ways of solving them you should try new trendy game Mayhemgun 2.

How to play

The game is online based, and no download is required. In addition, it is completely free, making it available to everyone. What makes the game fun are the simple controls. For navigation, you are required to use the arrow keys. The arrow up key is used for throttle, arrow down is used to break, and the left and right keys are used to lean back and forward. If you want to do stunts or tricks, the buttons Z, X, C, V, and B are reserved for that. If at any time you wish to pause the game, just press P on your keyboard.

bike gameFeatures

Manic Rider is based on physics, and that is why the game can be difficult at times. You will need to repeat some stages multiple times to complete them. Tricks can be performed but are not required to finish the game. If you want to get the highest possible score, use tricks since they award you with a lot of extra points. Moreover, you can do front and back flips to acquire additional points. Time is another thing that affects your overall score; the faster you complete the game, the higher score you will have.

In the beginning, you are given 5 lives to complete the game. You lose lives by falling off your bike or hitting the ground. Having only 5 lives will make the game a bit challenging if you are a beginner to this type of game.

As for the graphics, they are simple, colorful, and look good. The background music is fitting to the game and gives a certain aspect of excitement to the overall experience.

Overall, Manic Rider is a very fun and simple game that can get very addictive if you start to chase that high score.

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To win the Impossible Quiz Game, you better think outside the box

Impossible Quiz Game
The Impossible Quiz Game is a very popular online flash game all over the world. The game usually involves taking a test and answering all questions correctly but there is more than meets the eye. Most of the questions have double meanings, puns and tricks requiring you to think outside the box all the time making it quite difficult.

Instructions of the game:
You are given a question or a task and a set of four choices or answers; A, B, C and D. If you guess the correct answer, then you go to the next question. The game comes with three lives and each time you make a mistake, you lose one. Lose all the three and the game is over. You must answer all 120 questions in one take. Always think outside the box and use logic when answering each and every question. Along the way, you will receive green arrow shaped power -ups called skips that help you skip some questions. It is important that you don’t use them early in the game since you will need them towards the end. Look out for bombs on certain questions. They usually have a timer of 1 to 11 seconds and if you do not provide an answer within that time, it is game over!

The game controls:
You’re advised to keep your fingers away from the Tabs key. This key can select any clickable links on the flash video and thus accidentally answer a question for you most likely giving the wrong answer. It is always safe to use nothing else other than the computer mouse.

The Impossible Quiz Game is very helpful in aiding one develop their thinking abilities, use logic while solving problems, improve proficiency in English and broaden the mind. You get to learn many interesting things and playing it, is well worth your time. If you havet had a chance to play this game, go ahead and try it. You will most definitely experience something amazing and then you will have an idea of what you have been missing. We also recommend you to try Electric Man 2 full version at this link.

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World of Solitaire old but gold

World of Solitaire old but goldSolitare, though an old game, is still a prominent card game to play in for those without another individual to play with. World of Solitare is a new video game adaptation of the card game for users to play on their computers, tablets, or anything that can access the website. The rules of World of Solitaire are simple, to learn more check this blog. All cards in the standard deck can be used, except the Joker. Seven piles are created on the table, each one with one more card than the previous pile. The last card in the pile, the one on top, is flipped over so that the player can view what card is on top. The other cards are placed in a separate deck, flipped over in piles of three. The top card is the one that is active or one that the player can use. To win the game, the player must stack up the cards in order of suit from lowest to highest, with Ace being the lowest and King the highest. To move cards around in the playing field, the player may stack up the cards in increasing order alternating between the two colors of the deck, red and black. These rules all transfer to World of Solitare.

To control the game World of Solitare, simply click and drag the card from the beginning spot to the desired location, I know these are basic instructions and too general but tbh this is really that simple, you can even visit their official site and see the game itself to make sure how simple and yet entertaining this game really is. Once all the cards are stacked up in increasing order in the correct suit, then the player wins! World of Solitare also includes bonus features for the player, such as animating cards, counting moves, calculating a score, counting moves, changing the background of the playing field, and changing the appearance of the card that the player can play the game with! World of Solitaire also keeps track of statistics, allowing the user to keep track of the wins and losses they have in the game. The animations in World of Solitaire can also be changed back to a more classic animation, or turned off completely. Global statistics are also shown in World of Solitaire, allowing players to compare their statistics with other World of Solitaire players all around the world! These features set World of Solitaire apart, creating a lovely online solitaire experience.

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